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Sensei Knox began his training in Karate-do with Hanshi John Pachivas in 1989, though he began studying Judo many years earlier. He currently holds the grade of Godan (5th Dan) in Shuri-Ryu Karate-do under Hanshi Robert Bowles and Sandan (3rd Dan) in Shintoyoshin-ryu jiu-Jitsu under Shihan Steven Roensch, in addition to having his "Gakusha" rank in Kobudo (the art of ancient weapons).

Most recently, he had the privilege and honor to train with Grandmaster Shoshone Nagamine and Kyoshi Makishi in Okinawa, where he competed on the United States Team in the first Okinawan Karate & Kobudo World Tournament held in the new Prefunctural Hall of Martial Arts.


5th degree Black Belt, Shuri-Ryu Karate (traditional Okinawan style)
3rd degree Black Belt, Shintoyoshin-Ryu Jiu-jitsu (Japanese style)
2nd degree Black Belt in Weapons, Yanani-Ryu (Okinawan style kobudo)


Georgia Karate League Board of Directors 2003-present
State Representative of International Shuri-Ryu Association 2000-present
Member of the American Bushido Karate Association


2011 - 1st place, Kobudo (weapons), Kata, & Kumite, Georgia Karate League
2009 - 1st place, Kobudo & Kumite, Georgia Karate League
2007 - 1st place, Kobudo & Kata, Georgia Karate League
2004 - 1st place, Kobudo, AAU Nationals
2004 - 3rd place, Kata, AAU Nationals
2004 - State Champion, Kata and Kobudo, Georgia State Karate League
2003 - 3rd place, Kata, World Okinawan Championship
1998 - Instructor of the Year, American Jiu-jitsu/Karate Association
1997 - 1st place, Kata, World Championships, US Karate Alliance
1990 to present - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in over 100 State, Regional, National, and International tournaments

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